How to be a Good wife and mother ! 11 Tips Became a Good wife and Mother

How to be a Good wife and mother : A woman has an important role as a wife and mother. As a wife, she has to help her husband in running the household and as a mother, she has to teach the child to walk on the right path. Only a strong woman can play the role of mother and wife. Because the character of mother and wife is very responsible. This character requires patience and intelligence.

How to be a Good wife and mother

Being a good mother and wife takes a lot of work. And being a good mother and wife is also a big deal. Because both these tenants play an important role in providing a right direction to the family. So today we will give you information in this article that How to be a Good wife and mother. Read the article completely to get the information.

How to be a Good wife and mother

Before reading the article on How to be a Good wife and mother, it is important to know why there is a need to make a good wife? Every woman’s dream is to become a good wife and mother. The answer to this question is in short words that a woman is at the center of the house. Around whom the whole family moves.

Some points have been shared with you in this article regarding How to be a Good wife and mother. By following which a woman can become a good wife and mother. Read the complete article to get the information –

Learn to have Patience

As I told you at the beginning of this article that a woman has a lot of responsibility in the family as a wife and mother. A wife and mother have an important role in maintaining the family. Sometimes there is a situation of tension at home. That’s why a woman has to deal with such situation patiently showing her intelligence.

Whenever such a situation happens at home, do not lose your temper. Rather keep your mind cool and work with your mind. Sometimes there are fights and quarrels at home. It is the job of a wife and mother to pacify them, not to be furious. If a woman is fierce then that family is destroyed. That’s why it is very important for a woman to remain calm as a wife and mother.

To encourage

While doing any work, sometimes there is success and sometimes there is failure. It is not necessary that you get success in the first turn while doing any work. Many times success comes after many failures. That’s why as a wife and mother, a woman should always encourage her family. Sometimes your children may fail, sometimes your husband may fail, if you encourage them then their morale will never drop.

If a person fails, then in such a situation he needs his close ones the most. There is no one closer to a husband in this world than his wife, and children to their mother. That’s why whenever their morale starts breaking, it is the job of the wife and mother to encourage them. With the encouragement of his wife and mother, his morale goes to the next level. Fear ends inside a person when his own people stand with him.

Be disciplined

The biggest reason for the army being strong is that how is the leader of the army. If the leader of the army himself will be a strong person, punctual, happy follows the rules and remains disciplined. Only then his army will be strong. Because all the soldiers of the army follow their leader. If the matter applies to a family.

The wife and mother have full responsibility of running the house. In most cases, men work outside the home and women work at home. In such a situation, the responsibility of running the entire family is also of a woman. If the woman herself is disciplined then her children will learn discipline from her. If the whole house runs in a disciplined manner, then the whole house is happy. That’s why it is necessary for a woman to be disciplined herself to keep the house happy.

Keeping the family organized

It doesn’t matter how many people are there. What matters is how organized people are. History is a witness that no one has been able to harm those who organize, even if they are few in number. There is strength in unity that you will find many examples. That family is always respected in the society where there is unity among the families. In front of the unity of the families, big things are supported.

The wife and mother are the focal point of the family. How to run the family largely depends on the wife and mother.

The biggest takeaway from How to be a Good wife and mother is that the first thing a wife and mother should do is to organize her home. If the family is not getting along with each other, then efforts should be made to establish coordination between them. If the family is isolated then that family does not develop. That’s why the priority of the wife and mother should be to organize the family first.

Treat all family members equally

Being the main point of the family, your priority should be that you can coordinate between the members of the family. To create harmony in the family, you have to look at the whole family at a glance. You can never be a successful wife and mother if you show favoritism to a family member. All the members of the family are your own. That’s why they have to be seen with one glance.

To create harmony in the family, first of all you have to see the whole family at a glance. If there is a rift between the members of the family, then try to create harmony between them. If any family member is less capable, then he has to be helped in moving forward. You can be a good wife and mother only by working etc.

Don’t take a comparative approach

If you have a comparative outlook in the family, you may be good enough for a family member. But as a wife and mother you are doing harm to the whole family. You can never be a good wife and a good mother if you have a comparative view of the family. For that you have to unite the whole family in one thread.

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It is absolutely true that all human beings are not equal. Everyone has some kind of deficiency, you have to work to remove their shortcomings. His performance came at par with other members of the family. Motivate other family members to help him. Then your family will be equal. And as a wife and a mother, you will be able to build a strong home.

Learn to forgive

Mistakes are made by humans, not machines. You always have to remember this as a wife and mother. The mistake can be made by any member of the family. That’s why it is also your job to forgive them. If you don’t forgive them, then there can be more discord at home. That’s why you should try to stop the conflict at home before it increases.

The person who forgives mistakes is a good hearted person and great too. That’s why mistakes should be forgiven while keeping a soft corner. If any member of the house makes a mistake, do not get angry on him. Rather, understand him with love so that he doesn’t make a mistake the next time. If you understand someone with love, then he definitely understands. If you forgive mistakes, you represent an understanding woman as a wife and mother.

Don’t hesitate to show love

Love is such a thing that even animals learn to live. We are still human. There is so much power in love that you can make even an animal human. That’s why being a wife and mother you should try to show as much love as you can, it is not going to harm you, rather it will only benefit you. Happiness will remain at home,

Your responsibility as a wife and mother is also huge. You have to see your husband happy too and don’t want to keep your children away from love. You put your husband in the place of the husband and the children in the place of the children.

When you are in the room with your husband, then shower all your love on your husband so that your husband does not need anyone else’s love. When you are with children, give your love to the children. You’re there for them when they need you .

The whole family eats together

If the whole family eats food together, it increases love in the family and also keeps the family united. It is the responsibility of a wife and mother to bring the whole family to one table for dinner. Sometimes there are such circumstances at home that the whole family is not able to eat food together. In such a situation, it should be tried that the family comes to the table to eat together in the week.

There are many benefits of eating food together as a family. talks with each other. The whole family can sit and talk about the future of the family. There is a problem going on in the family. That topic can be discussed. That’s why as a wife and mother, we should try that the whole family can sit together and eat food.

Lead the family in adversity

Those who run away in bad situations or are afraid to come forward are called cowards. You have to show fearlessness in bad situations. And to lead the family. One thing has to be remembered that there is nothing bigger than family in this world. Your spirits should be high. If your spirits are high then Bipatiya cannot harm you.

If you lead the family in bad situations, it will infuse new energy in the whole family. The whole family will stand by you. There will be unity in the family. Nothing is too big in front of the unity of the family. In difficult situations, the whole family has to be encouraged so that their morale does not drop.

Spend wisely at home

I am saying this with emphasis that the woman is the focal point of the house. 90% of the responsibility of running and maintaining the house is of the woman. In a way, the wife and the woman are the Home Minister and Economy Minister of the house. Tough decisions have to be taken to take care of the house.

To run the house, full control has to be kept on the financial expenses also. So that there is no financial burden on the house. Household expenses have to be done in the right way. Spend money where necessary. If there is any other option for that thing, then use it. In bad economic times, everyone looks like their wife and mother, in such a situation, your hands should never be empty. For this, you can also keep a fixed deposit quietly. When bad times come at home, use that money at that time.


Today we tried to know in this article How to be a Good wife and mother and also shared some tips about it with you. Women are the center point of the house. The entire responsibility of running the household rests with a woman. Keep in mind that a man has as much responsibility for running a house as a woman.

A house is like a vehicle. If all its four wheels work properly, then the car runs well. If even one wheel gets damaged then it is difficult for the vehicle to move. That’s why all the family members should make sure that what is their responsibility at home. And fulfill your responsibility well, only then the family can move in the right direction.

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