Why do people cheat on their partners? 10 Signs of cheating in a relationship

Why do people cheat on their partners ? : Love is like a spell which completely dominates the human heart and mind. When a person is in love, he considers himself the happiest person in the world. And starts dreaming like conquering the world. But forgets that love is like a plant which needs lots of love and care to grow and survive

Why do people cheat on their partners?

You must have felt in your life that if you protect each and every tree for some time. And after some time they stop taking care of him. So the flowing tree dries up completely. To keep the tree alive, you have to take care of it regularly. The same thing applies to relationships as well .

The reason for infidelity in relationships is that in the beginning we take care of our partner very well and later we stop taking care of our partner. When our partner comes to know that my partner does not love me anymore, then in this situation there are more chances of partner cheating. Today we will know in this article that Why do people cheat on their partners? I hope that you will like the information given in the article. Read the complete article to get the information –

Why do people cheat on their partners?

Why do people cheat on their partners? It does not have just one ring, it has many rings. The biggest reason is that your partner is not completely satisfied with one thing or the other. In the following article, it has been told about those things due to which people cheat on their partners.

Decreased sexual satisfaction

One’s desire for sexual satisfaction is so strong that due to lack of which they cheat on their partner. To meet the lack of sexual satisfaction in the relationship, both men and women seek outside. For some people making physical relation seems to be an important part of life for which they cheat on their partner.

Because of boredom

There is excitement in the beginning in the relationship. Man keeps thinking about his partner every moment. He starts seeing his happiness only in his happiness. If love is not from the heart but only for the body or for money, then after a time in such a relationship, a person gets bored in that relationship. And starts looking for another partner. People cheat on their partner because of being bored in the relationship.

Lack of self-esteem in relationships

Love is blind or people become blind in love. And some people become so blind in love that they do not even know about their self-respect. When the ghost of love leaves their head, then they start realizing what is right and what is wrong. And after that they start looking for other partners in which they can get self-respect. Losing self respect is also a reason for cheating in love.

lack of money

Due to lack of money, people also cheat on their partners. A woman expects her male partner to fulfill all her wishes. Everyday people will take her for a drive, will do a lot of shopping, but when all these wishes are fulfilled, then in such a situation the woman cheats on her male partner. To fulfill your wish.

Men also cheat women due to financial constraints. If a man feels that he cannot meet the expenses of his female partner. This is again because the expenses of his partner are very high, so in such a situation even a man can cheat on a woman.

Physical violence

Relationships in which there is physical violence. In such a relationship, there are high chances that people cheat on their partners. Because in such a relationship people do not get love from their partner. Victims of physical violence are often looking for love. With whom you can share your sorrows. Can keep the words of his heart in front of anyone. Someone could also understand his sorrow. Why do people cheat on their partners? one correct answer is physical violence.

Feeling insecure in relationships

Due to the feeling of insecurity in relationships, people often cheat on their partners. This problem is mostly seen in teenage people. Often people do not like the closeness of other people with their partner. They feel insecure if someone tries to get close to their partner. Due to which also cheats on his partner.

Lack of transparency in relationships

The relationship in which there is lack of transparency, such relationships are under suspicion. There is a lot of lack of trust in such relationships. People feel that their partner is trying to hide something from them. The person in front of whom starts feeling isolated. She feels that her partner does not love her. That’s why he is trying to hide something from her. Why do people cheat on their partners? this could also be a reason.

Focus on career

People who are very serious about their career and feel that due to the relationship they are able to focus on their career. Such people also leave their partners. They believe that if they are successful, they can find more partners. If they fail due to this relation, then they will have to live choking for the rest of their life. Career and relationship are both important parts of life, taking both of them together can make your life even better. and you can be happier in life.

Ignore partner

Many people complain that their partner does not give them time, if they are not giving time then it means that they do not love them. Because of which many people cheat on their partners. They look for such a partner who can give maximum time to them. Go on weekend tours with them. Take good care of them etc. But there is no guarantee that you will get better from the person you are leaving behind. That’s why steps should be taken after thinking. Because man often loses the good in his search for the better.

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The word cheat itself is a terrible word. Often whenever we are deceiving someone, we are not deceiving him but we are deceiving ourselves. Because the person in front of you is trusting us. And we are playing with his faith. Today, in this article, I will share some such things with which you can know that you are being cheated in your relationship.

Don’t give time

Earlier your partner used to give you proper time. And at present, if he is not giving you time without any reason, then it means Signs of cheating in a relationship. Now the partner’s share of time is being given to someone else. Now your partner does not come home on time. Will start giving useless reasons for not coming on time. There will be no plans even on weekends etc.

Changes in communication

When there is a change in your partner’s communication then the biggest reason is that in that situation your partner is cheating on you. Changes in communication come only when thinking about someone else. If this matter is of one day, then in that case the matter may be different. If it has been a long time since your partner’s communication has changed, then definitely your partner is cheating on you.

Sudden change in behavior

If there is a sudden change in your partner’s behavior then it may be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. Your partner wants to spend time alone in such a situation. Often starts making excuses for not having food with the family. Does not like to go out with family. Starts paying more attention to himself than before. Goes to the spa to beautify his body. etc. mainly there are changes in the behavior which is a sign that the partner is cheating on you.

Forgetting important days

Birthdays, Anniversaries, First Dates, or theme days are often remembered by someone who loves their partner. It could be any other special day as well. The partners make special preparations to make such days memorable forever. Earlier, your partner used to remember this day and used to decorate them to make them special.

But at present your partner does not remember your special day. Nor does it do anything to make special days memorable. So this is a sign that your partner is cheating. The happiness that used to give you, now a days he wants to give it to someone else.

Active on social media

If your partner is active on social media and is regularly liking and sharing photos of the same profile. This is a sign that your partner is cheating on you. or trying to cheat.

Family time is also being spent on social media. Checking social media account again and again. Or is using social media in the toilet, then it means that there is definitely something black in the lentils.

Care for your partner is less than before

Earlier, you used to take care of your partner a lot. But now they have stopped caring or have reduced it. The only reason for this can be that now your partner has been penetrated by someone else. The attention that was earlier given to you. Much attention is now being given to someone else. Any person ignores someone else’s person when there is someone else in his life.

Do not make physical Relationship

Your partner is not showing interest in having sex with you. Or refusing to have sex. When earlier your partner used to be excited to have sex. This could be a sign that your partner is cheating on you. If your partner does not have any kind of sex problem. Your partner is refusing you to have sex when his/her sexual desire is being fulfilled by someone else.

Women and men both have the desire to have sex. If this desire is not fulfilled by his partner, then in such a situation both man and woman think about forming a relationship outside.

They don’t disclose details of their day anymore.

In a true relationship, the details of the whole day are shared with your partner. If your partner is cheating on you, then in that case your partner will play drama with you in sharing the details of the day or will tell your lies. It is generally seen that there is no concealment in the true relation. There is complete transparency in relationships. Where the relationship is on the verge of breaking, there is no transparency in the relationship.

Not giving time to your partner

In a true relationship, your partner used to expect more from you than giving time. Your partner has nothing to do with your money, name and fame. He only loves. If your partner is not giving time without any reason, then it means that your partner is cheating on you. Now your share of time is being given to someone else. In today’s time, time is given only to that which is important for us. Will give you time if you are not important to your partner.

Put more restrictions

A true relationship is a relationship. In which a person sees all his happiness in his partner. If his partner is happy then it is the greatest happiness for him. If your partner is imposing restrictions on you that he is choking your happiness. You are not being allowed to meet people. Trying to keep an eye on you. If your shopping is being given a low rating then it is a sign that your partner is cheating on you. or doing everything at someone else’s behest.


There are ups and downs in the relationship. If ever a situation of ups and downs arises in the relationship, then you should talk about it openly. Because talking solves a big problem. Due to ups and downs in the relationship, if you are cheating on your partner then this is not the solution.

If you ever feel that you are not happy with your partner then you should consult a relationship expert. If things still don’t work out, then it is better to separate from your partner than cheating on your partner. this is the proper solution.

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What is Abusive Relationship? 10 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship is so scary that it is usually very difficult to recognize. Abusive relationship In a relationship, there is not only physical abuse but also mental abuse. In an abusive relationship, a person is alive but is not alive. That’s why this relationship has been called a scary relationship. In an abusive relationship, the person is grouping inside.

अब्यूसिव रिलेशनशिप क्या है

If you ever feel that you are in an Abusive Relationship, then you should immediately come out of such a relationship. Or you should try to separate from the Abusive Relationship. Because the consequences of such relation are very bad. In this article, we have discussed what is Abusive Relationship, signs of Abusive Relationship and how you can come out of Abusive Relationship. Information has been given on the subject. Read the complete article to get the information –

What is Abusive Relationship?

When there is an attempt to exert power and control in a relationship, it is called an abusive relationship. Physical, mental, economic, or threats etc can also be used to control. It is often difficult for people in abusive relationships to feel that they belong. Have an abusive relationship.

In this, even without violence, others can be controlled in other ways. It takes a long time for the victim in an abusive relationship to understand that it is an abusive relationship. Whenever someone is being abused, be it of any kind, it comes under the category of abusive relationship.

Types of Abusive Relationships

Abuse relationships are patterns of behavior that involve controlling or isolating a partner. Controlling or isolating a partner can be different forms of abuse. described in the article

Physical abuse

The abuser first tries to physically abuse his partner so that he can keep control over his partner. hitting, strangulation, slapping, burning, pushing, using a weapon, etc.

Emotional Abuse

Humiliating in front of others, being abusive again and again, making fun of people in front of people, telling lies again and again, being dominant by weakening your self-confidence, such topics come under the category of Emotional Abuse.

Economic abuse

Weakening your partner completely financially, controlling completely for money, making financial decisions without informing, promoting dependence for money, etc. comes under the category of Economic Abuse.

Sexual abuse

Abusive sexual behavior is establishing physical relations by using force, making unnatural sexual relations etc. sexual abuse, also called molestation.

Threats & Intimidation

Threats and intimidation etc. are also forms of exploitation. If you want to open up in the society about any subject and threaten you in the name of your children or in the name of your favorite thing, or threaten to seek legal help, threaten to disclose HIV status; Threatening to reveal sexual orientation to family, friends, neighbors and/or employers.


Isolating him to control someone else also comes under the category of exploitation. The victim is deprived of her liberty, she is not allowed to go anywhere alone. Are kept away from participation in groups or organizations. is closed in the boundary wall. His phone is switched off or his calls are monitored. Etc. topics come under the category of Dissociate

10 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships are very dangerous. Because the victim does not know for a long time that she is a victim of exploitation. Because being in an abusive relationship can make you a victim mentally as well. It is only after a long time that the victim comes to know that she is in an abusive relationship. That’s why we have tried to give information about Abusive Relationship in Relationship Tips Blog. So that the victim comes to know in time that she is in an abusive relationship.

Comparative approach

A comparative approach is a sign of an abusive relationship. The biggest reason for Comparative Approach is to glorify the person in front. The comparative approach is on the basis of religion, colour, race and qualities. After all, God has given birth to everyone in the form of a human being. No one should be discriminated on the basis of religion, colour, race and qualities. The one who wants to misbehave with the person in front takes support of these things.

Trying to control the behavior

Abusive relationships are very bad because sometimes the victim is exploited without violence. The victim does not initially realize that he is living his life in an abusive relationship.

In the beginning of an abusive relationship, there is an attempt to control the behavior. If controlling the behavior does not work, the second step is physical violence. If the victim finds that she is in an abusive relationship and that attempts are being made to control her behavior, she should make an effort to come out of the relationship immediately. So that its bad consequences are not seen in future.

Victim of physical abuse

Physical abuse is a clear sign of an abusive relationship. Physical harm is done or attempted to be done. If the voice is not raised against physical abuse in time, then the abuser gets more emboldened. In the case of physical abuse, voice should be raised in the initial stages so that the abuser does not get emboldened.

Fights for no reason

All you need is an excuse to fight. You must have heard this word many times. When little pearls start fighting on small things then it is a clear sign that the relationship is not good. Someone’s behavior is such that he starts fighting on small things. There are some people who do not value relationships. Those who value relationships, they themselves say wrong even when the person in front is at fault.

Guilty without fault

It is often seen in the husband-wife relationship that the husband’s mood is bad due to some other problem outside. And he comes home and punishes his wife. Otherwise, she starts fighting at home. This is a sign of bad relationship between husband and wife.

No matter how much trouble is outside, leaving all the troubles at home, he keeps his family, his wife, mother, children happy, he is an ideal person. This quality is the identity of a good person.

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Unnatural sex

Making unnatural physical relations without permission or forcefully also comes under the category of abusive relations. If that person loves you then physical relations will also be according to your wish. Because she just wants to make you happy. If unnatural sex is being done against your will, then she is only pleasing herself and the one who is having unnatural sex without wanting it is exploited.

Keeping helpers away

The exploiter keeps the exploited away from his helpers. Does not allow contact with them. The exploiter tries to completely isolate the exploited, so that he cannot help the exploited.

The abuser does not allow the exploited to use the mobile or keeps complete information about the call details. Doesn’t allow people to mingle in groups. In some situation, he also locks himself in the room. Tries to cut off contact with the outside world completely.

No Privacy

There is no privacy in a tired loser relationship. Every single movement of the victim is being monitored. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If your privacy is being kept, it means that you are not trusted. Where there is no trust in relationships, those relationships can never be healthy. One should try to come out of such relations even before the bad consequences come.

Unsecurred Atmosphere

The privacy of the victim is completely destroyed. Phone calls and emails, social media accounts are being monitored. People are not being allowed to meet. Overall, such an atmosphere is created for the exploited, in which the exploited starts feeling completely insecure.

In this insecure atmosphere, the exploited completely suffocates. Sometimes it comes in such a situation that he tries to take his own life. Whenever someone exploits someone in a relationship, his aim is to separate from that relationship. If ever the exploited person feels this, then he wants to separate from the relationship, because he is doing everything, then he himself wants to come out of such a relationship.

Happy with yourself

The exploiter always thinks about his own happiness. It doesn’t matter to him what effect that thing is having on the one who is being exploited. He becomes so selfish that he can do anything for his happiness. Humanity completely ends inside him. On identifying such a person, the relationship with him should be ended immediately. Otherwise, you may have to face some big loss going ahead.

How to fix an abusive relationship

If there are ups and downs in the relationship, then it does not mean that your life will be better if you separate from that relationship. Rather you should try to understand why the relationship is deteriorating. Those problems should be found and tried to tick them.

If you are also living the life of an abusive relationship then there is no need to take tension. Follow the tips given below. By which you can make your relationship sweet. and enjoy your life well.

Finding the Problem

First of all you have to try to know why there is Bitterness in your relationship. Because unless you are aware of the problem, you cannot find its solution. After knowing the problem, you have to talk about it very clearly. so that there will never be a problem on that subject in the future.


Transparency is the only way to strengthen the relationship. If there is transparency in the relationship, then there will never be a situation of estrangement and the relationship will be stronger. Being transparent in a relationship increases trust. Where there is trust in the relationship, the relationship never gets spoiled by small things.

Don’t find someone else’s fault

Never look for your mistakes in someone else. He is human, only humans make mistakes. One has to notice the mistake and try to tick them. If your partner also makes a mistake, then do not get angry with him, but understand him with love. By ever looking for your mistakes in someone else or blaming someone else, your relationship gets spoiled.

Helping your partner

The best way to improve a respectful relationship is to help your partner with work. Which can add sweetness to your relationship. The exploiter will be forced to think that I am doing so wrong with him. And yet in front Bala is helping me in my work. If he has humanity, he will treat you well.

Speak clearly

Often hiding things causes cracks in the relationship. You do not have to hide anything from your partner or the person you are in a relationship with. Rather, we have to talk openly. So that the person in front knows what is in your heart. If Bala knows the words of your heart in front, then there will be no rift in your relationship.

Consult a Psychologist

Whatever necessary steps are taken to make a relationship strong, they must be done. Because once there is a rift in the relationship, then it keeps increasing instead of decreasing. If there is a disease like any mental disorder, then in such a situation we must take the advice of a psychiatric doctor.


They know the value of relationships who have none. Relationships hold an important place in our life. That’s why we should value relationships. If the relationship is going well because of your being small then there is no harm in being small. Rather you are achieving a lot in your life.

If you find out about a disrespectful relationship, you should try to fix it. Because bad relationships are not correct. If the relationship is not improving even after your best efforts, then you should immediately break away from such relationship. Otherwise, the one who is exploited has to live his life by choking. In which the exploited is like a living corpse. That’s why first try to make the relationship good, if it doesn’t happen then come out of that relationship.

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